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"Awakening, Diary of a Mystic" by CC JOHNSON

"Awakening, Diary of a Mystic" by CC JOHNSON

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People are asking, "why do you call yourself a modern-day mystic?"

My response is this: because I am continually seeking to increase my oneness with God while living a life of surrender to Him. I am a mystic because I know that God is beyond my intellectual understanding yet I know I can gain truth and power from His Holy Spirit.

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In Awakening: Diary of a Mystic, readers are encouraged to engage their own journeys to find the keys that unlock the hope, love and healing power of God. My path demonstrates how leaning in and trusting the invitation to hear, see and know the sacred mysteries can result in a life marked by ever-deepening devotion, wonder, joy--and even miracles. 

Find out my SIX KEYS TO PERSONAL AWAKENING and some of my experiences in living a supernatural life. If I can, so can you!

May you be blessed beyond understanding as heaven invades your mind while reading pages filled with testimonies, breakthroughs, forgiveness and healing.


See what people are saying:

Awakening by CC Johnson is a true-life story which de- scribes many of the trials and triumphs CC has experienced. It is not sugarcoated; she tells it all—her rebellion, pain and devastation, followed by the glory of giving her life to the Lord Jesus Christ and being used by Him to release profound miracles of healing into people’s lives.

Stories touch our hearts for our lives are composed of stories which continue day in and day out, weaving the narrative of our lives. So if you are looking for reality—a reality that may perhaps parallel your own life—this book is for you. Her account will ring true to life, and you will find inspiration in it for your own walk.

I like stories, especially true stories. I like CC and Eric’s story. Having met them and stayed in their home, I have seen the earnestness in their lives for God. It’s a joy to watch Cindy grow in the Lord. Her life surely provides an inspiration to us all. I believe you will be blessed as you read her story.

Dr. Mark Virkler President,

Christian Leadership University

Author, 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice


When I first met CC, I knew I had met a young lady full of the Holy Spirit and fire. CC had a confident boldness that surrounded her. I felt that she had never met a stranger. Her life overflowed with joy and love. I had no idea of her life journey and the things she had experienced. I am so glad she never gave up on herself, but kept reaching out and choosing life. As you’ll see in this book, God was faithful to meet her in every one of her trials and lead her to victory. She never gave up.

CC's story is not finished. I know she will have many, many more miraculous stories to share in the future. You will be encouraged by this book, and you’ll find the strength to do what God has called you to do.

Go for the gold! It’s only forever!

Dave Duell (1937-2015)

Faith Ministries International

Author, Faith, Believe It...or Not and

Faith, What a Deal!


Awakening is written to inspire and transform the world around us. The testimonies will increase your faith and release the power of His name to flow through your life. This book will take you on a journey of uncovering the power of Jesus and the desires of His heart.

Taylor Roybal

International Marketing Director, World Ventures


CC Johnson is an anointed woman of God who is full of the Holy Spirit. She stands as an epitome of a person who longs after God and the supernatural. The more she yearns for God, the more she receives and pours out to others. CC does not wait until she knows it all before she operates under the anointing. She shares with others whatever she knows as soon as she receives, and oh how God blesses that! CC operates in the healing gift of God as a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in her life. I praise God for her and for the gift she is to His kingdom. This book will bless the body of Christ tremendously by opening people’s eyes to the supernatural.

Dr. Catherine Ayantoye

Associate Professor at Emporia State


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